Finishes & Backings

I'd like to make your order as painless as possible but there are some things you need to think about before you order.

  • What size should I order?

              This of course is always the tough one. If you order with a

              backing, they are ready to hang (Velcro or Command strips) 

              If you want to frame it remember that   ALL PRINTS ARE 

              STANDARD SIZES so you should find an appropriate frame

              almost anywhere that sells frames without having to pay the

              expense for custom framing. Also keep in mind that many pics

              that are close-ups will not be available in larger sizes

              because of distortion.

  • Should I get a backing with my prints?

             I highly suggest getting a backing. All prints come with a single

            weight backing which preserves the picture and makes it ready

            for framing without having to worry about seeing wrinkles or

            flaws that may occur while handling if you just order the prints

            without the backing.

  • What kind of finish should I order?

           This all depends on the particular print you want and the affect

           you want it to have to the viewer. For most landscape pictures,

           glossy or lustre finishes work just fine. I encourage getting the

          metallic finishes for prints with sunrises or sunsets or the

          "brighter" prints as the metallic finish really makes these pictures


Sizes & Pricing